Kurt Singing 2.jpg

Kurt sings. Kurt plays guitar. Kurt makes the ladies swoon. We like to think of him as a "triple threat." He is often seen smuggling plums in his mighty tighty whities. His hobbies include starting religions and writing smutty novels under the pen name "Stafford Longmanparts." If you see Kurt in person, get a picture with him. He loves to be touched and poked. In fact, if you really want to hit the trifecta, take a picture while you are poking and touching him. It'll be a hoot.

Peter Drumming.jpg


This paragraph is about Pete. He plays the drums and looks good. He is easily the most handsome of The M8ds with his perfect hair and unbelievably appropriate fashion sense. I mean, the guy just automatically knows when the right time is to wear a vest. If you ever need to know anything about fashion talk to him. Pete also is very famous.

Timmy Rocking.jpg


Tim plays the guitar and sings some too. His abs are so hard one time someone punched him in the stomach and they broke their hand. Shattered into thousands of pieces. Tim is super handsome and really brings up the looks of the group. He and Pete are on the positive side of the curve on the "looks" graph we made. Regularly Tim makes groups of ladies feel faint because of his incredible physique and incredibly engaging personality. 

Brian Serious.jpg


Brian doesn't do much. Little singing, little bass, that's about it. his official title is "Shiftless Layabout" here at The M8Ds. If he shifts we'll have to change his title to "Layabout." Brian generally smells great. He's working on his PhD in quantum physics so he can revolutionize the energy industry. If you see Brian in person, give him your money and your affection. He loves that.